Most Frequently Asked Questions and Informations

1. What type of vegetable are in Szechuan?
Broccoli, Bell Pepper, Carrot, Mushroom, Baby Corn, Celery, Bok Choy, Onion, Snow Peas.

2. What type of vegeatble are in Mongolian?
Onions and green onions.

3. What type of vegeatble are in Hunan?
Exactly like Szechuan (#1) but has more onions and spicier too.

4. What type of vegeatble are in Garlic Sauce?
Same like Szechuan (#1) , but with more different types of mushroom in a sweet and spicy sause.

5. What type of vegeatble are in Curry?
Only onions and bellpepper with a yellow spicy curry sauce.

6. What type of vegeatble are in Kung Pao?
Squared chopped vegetables of carrots, water chestnut, bamboo shoot, baby corn, snow peas, peanut and celery.

7. What type of vegeatble are in Moo Goo Gai Pan?
Mushroom, Snow Peas, and Carrot mixed with white sauce.

8. What type of vegeatble are in Pepper Chicken or Beef?
Bell Pepper and Onions only.

9. What type of vegeatble are in Hot & Spicy ?
Slice of Onion, Celery, Bell Pepper, and Snow Peas.

10.What is the Subgum Wonton Soup?
It has Shrimp, Roasted Pork, Chicken and wonton with mixed veg and delicious soup.

11.What is the different between Chow Mein and Lo Mein?
Chow Mein is Bok choy with mushroom and carrot stir fried and steam in a white sause with fried noodles on the side. Lo mein is the real chinese soft noodles with mushroom, bok choy, carrot and celery together.

12.What is the Mai Fun?
Mai Fun is the "angel hair pasta" type noodles, it's very thin and clear looking type.

13.How Spicy do we make the food?
The Red font listed in the menu means spicy. But you can always alter the spicy accordingly to your taste.

14.What is Egg Foo Young?
It is Egg patties that are stuff with bok choy and vegetables with the meat that you've chosen.

15.Can we subsitute rice for noodles?
yes we can, but only in combos, dinner special and lunch special however charges may apply.

16.What is Ma Po Tofu?
This dish mainly contain sauce, it takes up 3/4 of the meal. It also contain steam tofu, snow peas, peas and carrot, and water chestnut.

17.what is our most popular dishes?
The real answer is EVERYTHING because we believe all of our food are so delicious. However many of our customer favorites is Sesame/General Tso Chicken, Teriyaki chicken, lo mein, egg rolls, crab rangoon, hot & sour soup, mongolian beef, shrimp w. broccil, dragon and phoenix, four season, and hunan shrimp.

18.Can we subsitute rice for another type of rice?
Yes we can change it to any rice you want but charges may apply.

19.What is the Happy Family?
Jumbo Shrimp, Chicken, Roast Pork, Beef, Scallop, Crab Meat with mixed veg in brown sauce.

20.What is the Hawaii Five O?
Breaded Shrimp w. scallop, crab meat, roasted pork and beef w. mixed veg and brown sauce.

21.what is the different between Sesame and General Tso Chicken?
They are both fried boneless chicken with the red sause but the sesame has the sesame seed poured over and the General TSo dont have the sesame seed but has a spicy taste to it.

22.What is the Four Season?
Four Season is fresh shrimp, chicken, roast pork and beef blended w. veg snow peas, baby corn, mushroom, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts & special brown sause.

23.What is the Dragon and Phoenix?
It is half General Tso chicken and Szechuan Shrimp in a rich spicy sauce.

24.Can we put food into combos that are not listed in the combo list?
Yes most of the time we can but larger orders such as Seafood Combination we can't. You can always call us and ask whatever particullary order could be in the combo or not.

25.What is Pancake under Moo Shu?
If you ever tried spring roll, it's actually the cover of that roll. It comes with Moo Shu so you can wrap your own type.

26.Do we use MSG?
No we don't, we even use vegetable oil in our cooking, and most of the ingredient that we use are natural and safe.

27.What is the Teriyaki Chicken?
Teriyaki Chicken is chicken that is on a skewer that is deep fried with delicious rich sauce poured over it that you won't even notice it's fried.

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